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To establish, develop and operate a diversified business with maximum responsiveness to changing environment and capability to beat the challenges of the emerging Ukrainian market.


To expand aggressively, and maintain a sustainable dynamic growth of our market value and investments return.
To develop the Company’s adaptability and responsiveness to any economic, legal, political social and other changes of the domestic business environment and major trends on the Ukrainian and global markets.
To build up the scope of activity and impact on the domestic investment market, contributing to the establishment of a sound investment climate and robust, stable market in Ukraine.


Clients are our greatest priority

People are our most valuable asset

Team Work:
We draw unique individual skills of our people through the team effort

We strive to win respect with clients, partners in business, and stakeholders

Creativity and Innovation:
We are open to new ideas and technologies to sharpen our competitive edge and deliver the best quality to our clients

We set measurable targets for both individual and team effort to secure our leadership on the market


Deliver extraordinary client value and satisfaction

Offer the best opportunities in the most lucrative enterprises and industries

Create partnerships with top-class domestic and international clients

Use the best international practices, policies, and experience in the invested enterprise’s development and operation

Maintain on-going operational and financial performance control over the investments

Respond to market challenges by creating and maintaining a strong methodological base for an on-going follow-up on market demand and opportunities and thoroughly established examination and assessment practices

Mobilize internal and external financial resources to satisfy market demand and improve financial performance

Maintain a corporate framework flexibility and encourage the team spirit and cooperativeness within UFG and its partnerships to create and utilise a joint pool of resources


Short-term: Making the Company a going concern

Medium-term: Enhancing the Company's profile and maintaining its sustainable growth on the market

Long-term: maximising corporate profits and value through the accumulation and re-investment of equity, borrowed funds, and partners’ capital

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