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The celebration action, devoted to 10-year activity of Western Union (WU) in Ukraine was held on the 1st - 30th of April at the Western Union offices, serviced by UFG subsidiaries and its partner banks. And Ukrainian Financial Group was, not by accident, the first to celebrate this jubilee in Ukraine. In the beginning of 1990-s Ukrainian Financial Group, headed by Valery BABICH made a famous American company its partner on the national market. In 1993 UFG opened the first Western Union office in Ukraine and was the first to create a nation-wide subsidiary network of Western Union, offering its compatriots high-standard fast international money transfer services through Quick Cash System. Ukrainian Financial Group was the first among business agents of Western Union in Ukraine, to be awarded the best-quality services prizes.

Today UFG and its 40 partner banks provide more than 1/3 of all money transfer operations through Western Union in Ukraine. Moreover, the company was the first to make such services widely available in our country.

It is worth noticing, that unique Western Union servicing standards are in keen demand all over the world, providing exceptionally high rates of the international quick money transfer system development. Last year, for instance, the number of WU offices increased by more than 30 000 and now equals to 151 000 offices in 195 countries. It takes only a few minutes to transfer money through this global system and to hand them to addressee. As to reliability of Western Union Quick Cash System, during its more than 130-year practice not a single case of the client money loss was recorded.

Any person, who has sent or received money transfers through Western Union offices in Ukraine, serviced by UFG and its partner-banks, could take part in this jubilee action. In addition to unique servicing standards, a client got a souvenir in an all-prize lottery and participated in drawing of 10 super-prizes: 5 TV-sets and 5 stereo systems.

The jubilee action was over, and as before, its participants’ comments confirmed that the clients remained satisfied and happy with the souvenirs and services provided. But you know, that dozens of thousands of people took part in this action! Next will be a prize drawing.

We remind, that the participants of the action, on receiving a souvenir, filled in a tear-off coupon, answered the questions and left it to an operator. In particular, there a person wrote his family name, address and telephone number, in order to contact the client in case he wins a super-prize. Filled-in coupons were then sent to Ukrainian Financial Group central office in Kyiv, where traditionally prize drawings are held. The results of the super-prize drawing will be published in Ukrainian newspaper Segodnia (date of publication – 20th of May), and also on our internet site. Later on, we plan to provide a more detailed description of the handing of the super-prizes. Keep an eye on our messages.

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