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Alexei A.Leonov
Cosmonaut, Major-General,
twice decorated Hero of the Soviet Union

Member of Cosmonauts’ Unit since March 1960.
The man, who first walked in the space on March 18, 1965.
Commander of Soyuz-19 spacecraft in the Soyuz-Apollo first linking on July 21, 1975.
Deputy director of Gagarin Cosmonaut Centre from 1971, Cosmonaut’s Unit Commander.
Co-Chairman of International Astronauts Association, member of International Astronautic Academy.
Decorated by orders and medals in many countries.

From congratulations with the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Financial Group

I would address my cordial congratulations to my good old friends with their 10th anniversary. I realise how much effort it took to achieve success. Journalists often compare operating on the CIS market with the cosmonauts’ feelings on the re-entry. I know these feelings very well, and therefore I really believe ten years of successful operation under the conditions, though of the other nature, but yet extreme, deserve deep respect.

I have many reasons to be happy sending you my congratulations. My roots are in Ukraine, and my relatives and close friends live there. The activities of Ukrainian Financial Group have certain aspects that touch strings in my heart. For instance, your company has co-operated with YUZHNOYE DESIGN BUREAU and other organisations under the shelter of National Space Agency of Ukraine. UFG has been propagating space theme in Ukraine, and I am specifically pleased to note that my colleague and my former trainee, Leonid KADENYUK, the first Cosmonaut of the independent Ukraine, has been involved in these activities. I especially appreciate UFG’s efforts to commemorate V.SAIGAK, the outstanding spacecraft designer, particularly contributing to opening a plaque and naming a street in his native village after him.

And of course, I remember our numerous meetings, your warm reception and cordial attitude to the people, who work in cosmonautics. I keep the best feelings and memories about your company, its good deeds and its hearty people.

I wish you every success in your business. May all greatness, mysteriousness and beauty of the Universe inspire you to new undertakings contributing to the continuation of the space flights era.

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