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Anatoly K.KINAKH
Prominent Ukrainian Politician

2002 to present - Chairman of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
2001 – 2002 - Prime Minister of Ukraine
1999 - First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine
1998 - Deputy of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine
1996 – 1998 - President’s Advisor for Industrial Policy, Chairman of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
1995 – 1996 - Vice Prime Minister in charge of Industrial Policy
1994 – 1995 - Chairman of Mykolaiv Regional Legislative Council
1992 – 1994 - Representative of President of Ukraine in Mykolaiv Region
1990 - Elected Deputy of Verkhovna Rada

From congratulations with the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Financial Group

Please take my congratulations with the 10th anniversary of Ukrainian Financial Group. Thank you for your effort, professionalism, and unquenchable energy that allowed you, despite all the problems faced by Ukraine, to make valuable contribution in the development of the Ukrainian economy and maintain close co-operation with leading international banks and companies.

Your company has increasingly solid reputation both in Ukraine and abroad.

Ukrainian Financial Group should be specifically commended for a significant social impact of its business, as the company’s projects created over 10,000 new jobs. Furthermore, the company has been supporting education, culture, art and restoration of architectural monuments in Ukraine through sponsorship and charity activities.

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