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Valery I.Tsybukh
Ukrainian politician and statesman

2002 to present - Head of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine
2001 – 2002 - Head of the State Committee of Ukraine for Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism
1998-2001 - Head of the State Committee of Ukraine for Tourism
1991 – 1998 - Worked with Ukrainian Embassy of Russia; Deputy Head
of Kyiv City Administration; First Deputy Minister of Transport; Advisor of President of Ukraine on the development of international traffic connections
1989 – 1991 - Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

From congratulations with the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Financial Group

My colleagues and me are specifically pleased to note UFG’s significant attention to problems of youths within both its business and broad-scale public, sponsorship and charity activities. UFG’s investment projects have created job opportunities for young people in 14 industries. Furthermore, the company deployed and tailored to Ukrainian needs international best practices and established a co-operation with global leaders in banking, information technologies, industry, transportation, energy and utilities, agriculture, insurance, trade, service and entertainment to provide international quality services. The innovation stream is carried along many young Ukrainian professionals, retaining them for Ukraine and offering outstanding career opportunities.

UFG’s sponsorship and charity activities had a significant social impact. UFG has contributed over US$ 1.5 million to support Ukraine’s education and child nursing system and providing grants to students, young researchers and artists. UFG’s “Support unparented children!” initiative had a broad response in Ukraine. The Group sponsors various projects in the support of Ukrainian science, education, culture, arts and literature and the rebirth of Christian values and morality in Ukraine. UFG has been actively participating in the activities of Ukrainian Culture Fund and Taras Shevchenko Charity Foundation and raised a number of initiatives to support young people in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Financial Group was one of the first Ukrainian companies to develop a commercial tourism in Ukraine, providing routes to tens of foreign countries. Also notable is UFG’s activity aimed at providing support to gifted Ukrainian athletes, including first Olympic champions and medallists in independent Ukraine.

Thank you for your devotion and support to young people in Ukraine, providing valuable contribution in the future of independent Ukraine. I wish you every success in carrying out your precious mission.

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